Become a Volunteer

Are you second guessing yourself wondering if you have what it takes to become a volunteer? Perhaps you think you do not have much to offer in the ways of skills or knowledge? May you think you are too young or too old for our programs? Then you are exactly who we need most of all! We need dependability, stability, love, empathy and guidance.

Once you register and complete the clearances involved with working with children, all Medard’s House asks is that you show up regularly and that everything you do with comes from a place of love when interacting with our vulnerable youth.

Believe it or not, our kids get very attached to our volunteers and they notice when you are not there or if something is “off.” Check your problems at the door and enter Our House where the world revolves around helping our youth to become the best people they can be. Many of our volunteers forge relationships with youth and their families that reach long beyond adolescence.

Simply fill out the interest form attached to this page or call Celeste our volunteer coordinator directly for more information. Meanwhile, peruse the volunteer opportunities below so that you might guide us as to where to best fit at The Link.

                                                    VOLUNTEER JOB DESCRIPTIONS

After School Mentor

In this volunteer capacity you help students navigate success through spiritual, academic, and mental health goals. This could involve playing board games or engaging in physical activity such basketball, dodgeball, or utilizing our climbing wall; you pick your level of comfort. You may be asked to sit and help a student struggling with homework or a particular course; or a student may just need quality adult companionship and a listening ear.

After School Support

Assisting staff during evening programs with setup, cleaning, teardown, crafts, sport activities and more. These are the “doers” of our program. Whatever needs setup, torn down, or cleaned up–you are there.

Garden-to-Table Volunteer

This is Medard’s House’s newest program. Kids learn everything from composting, to fertilization, planting, tending; then pickling, canning, and utilizing fresh vegetables in the fall.

Program Communications

This volunteer assists in all aspects of our different program communication needs via email, fliers. newsletters, social media, and direct messaging. This position can be done remotely if opportunity is available


We have many moms who would love to volunteer at Medard’s; however, they cannot participate without having childcare options or bringing their children to Medard’s. We want to accommodate these ladies by allowing them to interact and impact our teens, but also by relieving them of Mommy duties for a few hours. This position would be to care for 1-3 tiny tots for a few hours.

 Meal Prep/Kitchen Staff

Everything we do centers around our kitchen–the heart of our operation. In this position, the volunteers help the kitchen coordinator provide nutritious snacks and meals to students. This may include getting healthy and indulgent snacks ready for when the kids arrive; cooking and distribution of food–we eat family style–setting up the tables for dinner, kitchen and dining area cleanup.


Putting together a team to provide a full meal and/or Biblical or community lesson once a month or once per quarter.

Bible Study

Help with our Bible study session/s that take place each week throughout the school year. Must have knowledge of the Bible from a Christian perspective.


Help with afternoon and evening pick up and drop off using our Medard’s House Van.

Monthly Special Events

Participate in special events that occur throughout the year.

Summer Volunteer

Participate in summer camping trips, mission outings and weekend retreats.

This is Medard’s House’s newest program. Kids learn everything from composting, to fertilization, planting, tending; then pickling, canning, and utilizing fresh vegetables in the fall.

Activities Coordinator

Coordinate games throughout our afterschool program time. Example’s like, Basketball, Dodgeball, Volleyball, Crafts, etc.

Released Time

Engage with students during the lunch time of 11:30am – 1:00pm for our Release Time program. Activities could include, cooking, Bible Lesson, Basketball, Van pick up and drop off, etc.

Committee Volunteers

Become a part of committee team that encompasses, Fundraising, Finance and Building and Grounds.

Worship Coordinator

Direct teens/volunteers in worship events. Must have experience in playing, leading in praise and worship in a Christian setting.

Front Desk (Gatekeeper)

Check In Students using our online check in system. Verify student paperwork is up to date, manage phone usage and check bags.

Outreach Coordinator

Promoting The Link at churches and community events, handing out flyers at local businesses and schools. Must be personable, outgoing, and energetic.