At Medard’s House Youth Center, we follow the vision and guidance of our founders, Saundra Colello and Medard Kowalski, Sr.; thus our programming centers around the heart of our operation—our kitchen. When youth arrive at our Center, they are greeted with healthy snacks and beverages and are encouraged to unwind from the grind of the school day. We offer physical sports in and on the premises, such as an indoor basketball course, indoor rock climbnasium, and an outdoor firepit surrounded by swings. We have a plethora of board and table games, video games, a sound system to play music, and comfy couches if kids just want to sit and interact with friends or a caring adult. Volunteers are always plentiful at Medard’s House, and all of our volunteers are vetted and have completed all necessary background checks.

We pride ourselves in our adolescent programming geared toward preparing our youth for success in all aspects of their young lives. Our founders’ vision began with a group of teens “hanging out” around a dining room table engaged in fun, food, and fellowship. Saundra Colello felt called to ensure these kids were nourished in body, mind, and soul. She always prepared a hearty home-cooked meal, and when called upon, offered the word of God. Medard’s House does the same. Kids receive a full home-cooked meal with healthy starters, a main course; and of course, dessert. Leftovers never go to waste at Medard’s, and we do not save them. Leftovers, as well as other food items donated to us throughout the week, go directly home with our students. We want their younger siblings and parents to reap whatever extras are bestowed upon us through our generous donors.

We have several programs offered at Medard’s House, and with the start of the 2022-2023 school year, we will officially add two more days to our currently scheduled programming. Medard’s House will operate the after-school program from 3–6pm Monday through Thursday. Certain aspects of our program will never change. We will always offer kids downtime to unwind; snacks and a full meal; homework help; an adult listening ear; a lesson of some sort whether it be a life skill, another organization explaining their purpose, function, or good deeds; or a Biblical lesson. We also have testimonies from young people whose paths were led astray through childhood trauma, drugs, alcohol, criminal activity, losing their faith, etc.; however, now they are proud and upstanding members of their communities. Our lessons are always engaging, positive, and full of what every kid should have, HOPE. Included under this Program tab is a series of dropdown boxes for each of our current programs. Please take the time to review each to see what all Medard’s House has to offer our local youth.

We are moving our after-school program from two program days per week to four days in September of 2022, so expect to see more programs added to our agenda for both our kids and/or their families. We have quite a few we would like to introduce depending on community interest and demand. Also, if you are involved in a group or organization that you feel might be a good fit or collaboration for Medard’s House, we are always open to hear your suggestions.