Why I Donate

The Link (formerly known as Medard’s House) is proud to say that every Monday through Thursday after school, middle and high school kids are welcomed into our Center. The only requirement is that they are enrolled in middle or high school.

Upon checking in, we ask the kids to surrender their cell phones. We cannot actively engage our youth until they are fully unplugged. Student are then free to engage in any positive activity to unwind and unburden themselves from the demands of the day. They may choose a physical sports such as basketball, foosball, billiards, or our climbnasium; or perhaps a quiet board or card game or music. Some students may be struggling to complete homework or to understand a particular class. We have caring mentors specifically on hand to offer homework help or lend a listening ear if invited to do so. 

Next, we always have a prepared and relaxed lesson for students. It could be learning a fun life skills such as cooking, patching drywall, changing a tire, knitting, or volunteering at a food bank. Our lesson could be spiritual in nature designed to reinforce to youth that “to err is human,” and God’s forgiveness is unwavering. Whatever our method or our message, our lessons are created with love and always with the fragile psyche of teens in mind.

Finally, no child ever leaves The Link hungry. We provide a full family-style meal and save no leftovers! Any extra food goes home with our kids for siblings or other family members.

In today’s two-income, single-parent, multigenerational homes, oftentimes families do not have the means or time to gather around the table at mealtimes. Medard’s ensures this happens when the kids are in our care. We serve a sit down, blessed with grace, shared around the table, family-style meal. 

Every middle and high school student is welcomed at The Link. Everything we do at the Center 4 YOUth is FREE of charge. No one is ever questioned regarding their family income or ability to pay. We welcome all teens into The Link with the same spirit anyone would welcome a loved one into their home. We simply feed and love every kid who walks through our doors like family–period.