In an attempt to keep students current on the many resources available to them throughout surrounding communities, the Adopt-a-Night program is open to local churches, nonprofit, and civic organizations to showcase their message, skills, purpose, needs, and mission. The organization chooses the night they wish to present; then provide the meal and the message. In the past we have had churches lead the students in a Bible lesson or fun games, such as a scavenger hunt. We have had testimonies from war veterans as well as veteran groups speaking about their experiences, causes, and efforts. A lady’s auxiliary group taught our kids how to crochet and another women’s group demonstrated how to patch a hole in clothing. In the future we will also focus on some career soft skills not taught in schools such as applying for a job, writing a professional letter, interviewing do’s and don’ts, résumé writing, and professional etiquette in the workplace. If you or your organization is interested in signing up for Adopt-a-Night, please see the program specifics under the DONATE tab.


As The Link grows, it is our hope that our local churches view us as the mission field for local youth. We want kids to form lasting relationships with other Christian-based volunteers and kids so that someday they may choose to be a part of your congregation.

Your group can become a regular contributor to The Link’s, through once per month, once per quarter, or annual participation. Staff from Medard’s House can easily help you decide which platform works best for you. Here is what Adopt-a-Night contributors are asked to do on their chosen night of programming.

  • Provide a home-cooked meal similar to one you would feed your own family. At the center, we generally start with healthy snacks, followed by a main meal served with bread or rolls, and finish with dessert. However, please do not shy away from pizza or subs as an option depending on your group’s limitations.
  • The meal should accommodate up to 35 kids.
  • Extra food will never go to waste as we oftentimes send it home with the teens to feed other family members.
  • Create a 15-minute discussion about your church or conduct a worship or Bible lesson.
  • Provide a small activity. Anything from a hands-on activity, a craft, or even a game.



We also welcome area organizations such as veteran or civic groups or nonprofits or agencies to Adopt-a-Night. We encourage our local organizations to impart their mission and philanthropic vision into the lives of our youth.

Once you sign up for once a month, once a quarter, or once a year, you can expect a staff member from The Link to connect with you and walk you through the process of your adopted evening. The requirements are the same as for local churches, but instead of providing a Biblical lesson you could do the following:

  • Provide a guest speaker or presentation on your topic along with providing any supporting materials.
  • Provide an activity, discussion, or game around your topic.


That’s it! Your church or organization will be recognized as a supporter of The Link, and we will reap the rewards of new friendships and new knowledge.