About Us

Our Vision

We have created a place where all of our kids can come to get love, support and mentoring. Our mission has always been to be able to assist our youth and their families with life’s challenges, whether the need is for tutoring, counseling, spiritual growth, a hot meal, help with a job application, a college application, a cooking class, a music lesson and  so much more.

Mentoring our youth

Our primary focus as mentors is to guide our youth toward success. We want to get to know our kids well enough to identify any needs in their lives that may be prohibit them from reaching their full potential. We will partner with community members, schools, churches, businesses, and social service organizations to find solutions for our youth.

The Value of Community

It is our greatest desire that Medard’s House youth become known as “givers” and good stewards of their communities. As they grow and learn from the mentors at Medard’s House there will be opportunities created for them to do service work in their own communities and beyond. This is one of our highest priorities. We create opportunities where we bring young and old together. For example, where veterans sit with young people and share their lives and stories; and where young people sit with senior citizens and share their fears and  dreams.

Our Approach

Academic Assistance

The Link provides students with a safe space after school to study and complete homework if so desired.

Academic Assistance

School is tough during the adolescent years of middle and high school. During these trying times, many students became reluctant learners. The Link Center 4 YOUth has always offered youth in our community a safe space to complete school work and study for upcoming exams. We have an excellent rapport with our community schools and school districts.

Physical Fitness 

We will partner with other nonprofits and community organizations to encourage fitness opportunities. We will provide opportunities for intramural sports, summer camps, field trips, kayaking, tubing, swimming, hiking and more.

Career Development

In partnership with South Central PA Youth Initiative, we offer a variety of options for career exploration. This is accomplished through workshops, hand on work experience opportunities, leadership development, supportive services such as transportation assistance, camps, mentoring, individual guidance and one-on-one conversations regarding life’s challenges.