Released Time Program: This is our newest program and really began to take off near the end of the 2022 spring school year. Students must be fully enrolled with parental consent before they may participate in this program. With Released Time, students are picked up by The Link Center for YOUth during their school’s lunchtime hours at 11:30am and returned at 1:00pm. Teens are brought to The Link Center for YOUth to unwind, have a nice lunch, receive a brief lesson, and returned to continue their school day. This program is currently held the first and third Wednesday of each month during the school year. As this program continues to grow, we will like to eventually increase it to each week.

Since we are moving our after-school program from two program days per week to four, expect to see more programs added to our agenda for both our kids and/or their families. We have quite a few we would like to introduce depending on community interest and demand. Also, if you are involved in a group or organization that you feel might be a good fit or collaboration for The Link Center for YOUth, we are always open to hear your suggestions.